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Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
Because he did. He had a choice between a South African, Netherlands, German or Canadian passport. He could have picked anyone of those, he choose German.

Little fact, South African is not an old German settlement , it was a Dutch colony. Kolzig never lived in Germany, he lived in SA, Netherlands and Canada. So,tell me how did he get his German passport, knowing all that info? HE choose Germany. It's all right there my friend, the internet is your friend. He is even quoted as saying he choose German because he wouldn't have to compete for a starting job.
He got a German passport because he was a German citizen from birth as his parents were German. You don't become a citizen upon applying for a passport otherwise 80% of Americans would be ineligible to vote.

Furthermore I strongly doubt that he was eligible for Dutch or South African citizenship as the citizenship laws of these countries are very restrictive. Just being born or living there for a bit doesn't entitle you to a passport.

The key part is Germany doesn't allow dual citizenship very often, so by applying for naturalization as a Canadian citizen he would have lost his German citizenship.

Also, dude, you're from Southie. Telling Germans about their own nationality law is pretty arrogant.

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