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02-07-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by StaalWars View Post
I admitted that if I was his teammate I probably wouldn't approve of his behavior. But I'm not and neither is anyone on these boards so the point is moot.

As far as the off-sides and the penalties, that's a fair critique and we can debate the pluses and minuses of him as a hockey player but a lot of other players do those things as well. Avery also drew a lot of penalties. I think when you take into account the overall impact of stupid penalties taken and penalties drawn we've had worse players than Avery on our teams. Ryan Hollweg was definitely one that jumps to mind.
There were 2 Avery's as far as I'm concerned. The Good Avery, who energized the team, drew penalties, and made solid plays on the ice.

And the Bad Avery, who was more concerned with trying to 'agitate' the opposition by taking stupid penalties, pissing off the refs, and ignoring the little things in his game that made him effective.

As far as a player goes, Avery's skill was overlooked. He was a decent skater, underrated passer, and hustled. A lot of those things were overlooked. He was a good player who eventually stopped trying to play the game of hockey, and focused on the game in his head.

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