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02-07-2013, 03:41 PM
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A few nights off would be a good start, his play so far has been beyond ugly.

But what Tallon showed with Bradley, was that he isn't afraid to admit of having made a mistake and trying to fix it. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Kuba traded (for nothing virtually) if he keeps playing the way he has so far.

Finding someone to take him thou, is easier said than done.
There's always teams at the trade deadline looking for defensive help/depth. With Kuba having a year left on his contract though, that makes it a bit more interesting to trade. If we're out of the playoff chase, I could see us putting him on the block and getting a 3rd rounder for him.
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Is what the line-up could look without Kuba and Weaver when healthy. Strachan has already (at least in my book) surpassed Weaver, he's as good as Weaver on the D-side, if not even better, and he brings more to the O-side as well.

I'm not saying Weaver is bad, but there's just better guys to play than him. And he deserves a better faith than being a 7th d-man, there's a lot of teams that could use his services.
Weaver definitely could be traded for at least a pick or prospect right now. He's cheap enough to be a bottom pairing d-man on almost any team in the league. As much as everyone loves Strachan, there's a reason he was being scratched previously. He's still got things to learn and I think it would be likely that Dineen would put him on the bottom pairing still. So it would probably be Jovo paired with Kuli which isn't such a horrible thing IMO. And Strachan being paired with Ellerby might actually be a positive too.