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Originally Posted by LarsEller View Post
Hey guys. I feel like i need to clarify some things regarding Eller. First off im a big Montreal fan, so i have watched every single game Lars has played for Mtl.

It seems like some of you think that Eller is in the "doghouse" is Mtl. That is not the case. Last year our coach Jacques Martin had Eller playing as our 3rd line C for almost the entire season AS A SHUTDOWN center. Hes line was expected to play a defense first kinda game against top opposition almost every game. Ellers + Plekanecs line was matched against our opponents top lines constantly so that our 1īst line could play mostly against weaker lines.

Jacques had a longterm plan regarding Eller which was to teach him how to play responsible hockey at first. The main reason for his not so impressive stats is that he played with wingers with ZERO offensive upside, almost always started his shifts in the defensive zone and only played on the Pk. No PP time whatsoever.

Also i dont think anyone could have predicted the emergence of David Desharnais. He kinda came out of nowhere, and all of a sudden he was our most productive center. Secondly David D is ridiciously small, so he has to play top 6 since he cant play a checking/energy game.

In this years draft we picked up Alex Galchenyuk who played himself on the team instantly. That leaves Mtl with 4 top 6 centers. Tomas Plekanec, David Desharnais, Alex Galchenyuk and Lars Eller. The problem is that both David desharnais and Galchenyuk cant play in a 3rd/4th line role due to inexperience/size. And Plekanec is a proven veteran that has earned a top 6 spots over many seasons. So basically Eller is just unlucky that hes got the size and plays a really good 2 way game.

In regards to the benching of Eller after the first game. I, like many of you thought it was a weird decision. He had a bad game, but so did everyone else. My theory is that it was a bit random that Eller got picked out. No coack would bench a Veteran after 1 bad game, and u cant really blame Rookies like Galchenyuk and Gallagher, so that leaves a guy like Eller. Maybe Therrien just wanted to send a message to the team as a whole, that there would be no free rides?

Lastly a lot of habs posters still consider Eller to be a big talent, and thinks its just a matter of time before he will get his final breakout. Including me. He has played really well the last couple og games, and is being expected to play either 1īst or 2īnd line Tonight against Buffalo. Lets hope he can keep playing solid.
Great post! The historical context is not unknown but might be forgotten and even though we reach different conclusions I can see where you're coming from.

Dunno about the others but my own reasons for seeing a trade benefiting Lars Eller is the highlighted part. It's not a knock on Lars Eller but a simple matter of numbers.

And while his PK-time is up, nobody is surprised that he's good defensively i think. But the what's lacking is a spot as a top 9-forwards - because as we've seen he has the offensive talent for it. Both this year and last year he's proven that.

None for those guys mentioned are getting to old the next 2-3 years. Plekanec at 30 is the oldest. So there no sign of a spot coming from within the Montreal depth chart the next couple of years. The judges are still out on whether Montreal could try him permanently as a wing, but the last match suggest not. Unless somebody's moved he's kinda stuck going nowhere.

Since other teams are in need of Eller's ability - the combination of defensive abilities and offensive skill - there might be a return somewhere that could make another team, Montreal and Lars Eller happy as I see it.

The doghouse was the scratching - which is over. He's out of it. But it's the young(/younger) players ahead of him and his current position in on the depth chart that is making the situation improvable to me. He could be a third liner on many teams... so why not hope that he'd be?

That leads me to the underlined part. If that's true and it's permanent - than the hole trade-thing is of course irrelevant. But pr. the Montreal boards GDT he's on the fourth line again. If that's the case then I'm kinda sticking to me idea that he might be better of somewhere else. Cause that breakout... it ain't gonna come being on the 4th line He's better than that.

Hope to see him keep his slaughter of the Sabres again tonight

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