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Originally Posted by Avs71 View Post
The problem is the Avs have some really good pieces, but Sherman failed to fill out the rest of the roster. I don't know if it was overrating the talent he thought he had here, but he really failed to improve beyond the impressive pieces on the roster. It reminds me of when I was younger and played any NHL dynasty mode. You trade all your depth for your favourite players, and then just sign a bunch of randoms to fill out the rest of the roster.




Is all the Avs really have on a consistent basis of being good players. Not a bad start, but Sherman just plugged the rest with bad players. I don't know if it is a Kroenke budget, or a Sherman accounting budget, but he needs to bring in some external talent.

Some teams who have done this in a quick re-build:
Florida- Took a "bad contract" in Campbell, and then signed a bunch of free agents last summer. Then they go on to make the playoffs. It's not like Sherman needs to go ballistic and sign 8 new guys, but he really should start looking to outside the organization for additional talent.

Tampa- They had ****** defencemen so they signed Salo, Ohlund, traded for Brewer, and signed Carle. All of a sudden, they have a pretty impressive team. Some of these contracts I wouldn't want burdening the Avs, but there is no doubt the defence has been turned around on that team. Also, they have a franchise defencemen in Hedman. So what do they do for him? They bring in a great veteran Swede, a great puckmover, and a great veteran. Hedman is now starting to break out.

Which is pretty much the opposite of what has happened in Colorado. The Avs made such a risky trade getting Johnson. Personally, I love it and would make the trade over and over and over. But Sherman shot himself in the foot after the deal. You get a young defencemen with all the tools and little confidence. So what does he do? Trade away the only other decent defenceman the Avs have, and leave EJ all on his own surrounded by 4/5/6's. This is kind of what Toronto did to Kessel. You bring in this great talent, and then you don't help him at all. On the bright side, EJ is 24 which is still incredibly young. Chicago didn't win the Cup till Seabrook/Keith were 25/27 in age. He has developed a great defensive game, for the most part, but may have lost his offensive creativity. There is no reason that playing with talent he won't put up 40+ points, but as other have alluded to, he is no Karlsson/Pietrangelo where he will do that without good support. I'm not really sure what to make of him. He is really one of the biggest keys going forward, but I'm not sure in which way. Whether that is as a player like Blake who is better offensively at the sacrifice of defence, or a player like Seabrook who is better with a good puck mover next to him. I'm thinking Seabrook personally. The Avs are 50% percent there to having a great top pairing.

The dead weight on the defense is so obvious. No need to go in depth here. Sherman made a big mistake piling up all the same type of player. Needs to clean house.

The good news here is that the we are already in February. Have very little to go in terms of season length (compared to a full season), and there seems to be a market for depth defenders. Were looking at a top pick come June, who could hopefully step in right away and make an impact. The deadline needs to be a sell off. If someone wants Jones/Hunwick/O'Brien, let them have them. Try and get a decent pick for O'Byrne. And if a team is really looking hard at Wilson/Hejda, then go for it.

Then Sherman needs to pull a Florida/Tampa and actually pick up multiple decent pieces in the free agent market. This obviously won't turn the Avs to a "great team." The only way that can happen is if the young talent that is here develops into great players. The easiest way to do that is get them some help. This is where free agency will help.
I love this depiction but yeah you forgot Landeskog, although even with him it seriously highlights the holes we have.

McGinn - Duchene - Parenteau

Landeskog - Stastny - _____

_____ - O'Reilly - Downie

McLeod - Mitchell/Olver - Kobasew/Bordy

Up front we need a legit top 6 winger and a third line winger. Even when we are healthy...

_____ - EJ


Now we have one young forward who could potentially fill that top 6 winger role, but hes primarily a center and has played LW. We need to AT LEAST trade one of Stastny or O'Reilly for a partner for EJ. Then pickup a third line center as a UFA.

McGinn - Duchene - Parenteau

Sgarbossa - Stastny/O'Reilly - Landeskog (Landeskog performed fine at RW when Olver was put on their line in the past, I don't think it matters which side hes on.)

__UFA__ - *Bozak* - Downie

Mcleod - Mitchell/Olver - Kobasew/Bordy

Yandle? - EJ

That would at LEAST be a start... It shouldn't be impossible to sign a good third line center and winger in free-agency. Puck moving defenders if free-agency are going to be ridiculous though. Look at what Carle got? He is NOT a #2 defender...

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