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02-07-2013, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
He was playing a part, not being honest. Similar to what Charlie Sheen was doing and Howard Stern has done for decades. Its just a bit, and they do it well, that's why it seems so natural. The narcissism takes over. Jagr was like this too, but in a different way. He sulked and withdrew when he wasn't getting his way.

And I never thought he got 'nasty', just annoying.

Don't get me wrong, having said all this, I think the guy was entertaining, but I don't ever want someone that selfish on the team again, I watch hockey to watch hockey

Exactly BRB, he did them as a Ranger, as a team member, not on his own dime and time.

Sad that the conversation now is still about the clown and not about why he was actually needed to give life to this organization at that time in the first place.

Well said.

People have different ways of seeing things bluenote. On the subject of Avery--there's no opinion here that really catches the essence of his personality and how it informed his character, the camaraderie of the team or his value as a on ice player at various stages of his time here. Pretty much all the views expressed in this thread so far are slanted in one direction or the other. Again I liked him as a personality--on the other hand I think by last year he'd outlived his usefulness to the team. He certainly didn't seem to be in Tortorella's good graces and it's hard to argue with a coach when his team is winning a lot like they were without Avery in the lineup.

IMO Avery in his first stint with Renney as coach was a very effective player. He was slotted up and down the lineup and was a player that sparked the team on very many occasions. He became a catalyst. The Avery that came back from Dallas also sparked that team for that particular season but after that year it was diminishing returns and his relationship with his coach was a distraction. In any case there's some evidence to believe that Sean was distracted by other outside interests anyway. it was time for him to go.

You could parallel this case with that of Mark Messier--a much more revered player but his return from the Canucks help set our franchise back at least 3 years. He also had become a shadow of the player he once was and the Rangers locker room turned into a kind of country club--that probably was mostly the fault of the Rangers management and coaching staff but Messier's influence over the rest of the team can hardly be discounted. Avery never had the kind of influence or dominating personality that Messier had and his second go round caused little damage. Towards his end he was just shunted aside. Messier's return did do a lot of damage--unintended I'm sure but whatever. I don't particularly get the hostility to Avery from some quarters. His time here had some very positive results especially the first part. Even the second part the damage was minimal--less so than Messier's second turn with us or the crazy contracts and less than stellar performances that came from Drury, Gomez and Redden.

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