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Originally Posted by fufonzo View Post
I think it's pretty clear what he's saying and you're the one taking it out of context. Comparing Glachenyuk and Yakupov, in terms of raw skill, Chucky is 'lacking' in some areas (like comparing a rookie Crosby with a rookie Ovechkin). In terms of raw talent, Yakupov is a step ahead of Galchenyuk at this point.

What Galchenyuk has the Yakupov doesn't have, however, is better vision of the ice and of the game and the ability to better control the game. These aren't talents you generally develop. These are things you have or you don't have.

This is why Yakupov might be the better player at this very moment but is why many of us think that Galchenyuk will have a better career.
Thank you sir. At least someone can read something in context.

Galchenyuk is very talented. It's just that his edge against Yakupov does not come come out of pure physical superiority (although puckhandling/feinting is probably superior for Galchy, but that's 1 compared to many).

Doesn't make Galchenyuk subpar in any of the category he's rated lesser than Yakupov. It's just that Yakupov is that damn good in these categories. Plekanec would explode with such a winger, I believe their styles probably combine very well.

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