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07-04-2006, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by trippyime View Post
I've waited 4 days for something to happen...and this is it?

**** Bobby Clarke. He's really lost it. He thinks because a bunch of nobodies from Buffalo beat his team, that if he signs a bunch of nobodies, maybe they'll over-achieve too and get him to the conference final?

This is ********. This team is going to suck a lot of ***. Of course I'll stand by and go down with the ship, but I've given up hope of signing anyone of quality.

Prove me wrong Bobby, prove me wrong.

Yea I agree he is basically just signing fast small players that if put together have the ability to swarm like buffalo can. to be honest with you i think that is a good i dea. Buffalo is a very dangerous and i would love to have thes fast guys together and start swarming...imagine a buffalo system with better players like forsber over briere and gagne over afinagenov nitty over miller and pitkanen over cambel...if we do adopt that system id be very happy. of course we are going to need the team to click buffalo sucked the first 20 games then they were better then they didnt lose for about 20 games. they are ateam that is always dangerous and id love to have that kind of threat.

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