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02-07-2013, 04:51 PM
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after seeing people with some nice 3dmark scores around the net, i was tempted to overclock the gtx680 a bit more (already has a bit of an overclock by default) and try 3dmark again, but ultimately i can't be bothered right now. saw a couple MSI Lightning GTX680 cards doing very well ...but again, i'm not in the mood to fiddle with overclocking right now ...even though its still kinda tempting.

but anyway, i saw a PC Gamer article today regarding the new 3DMark and found this kinda interesting. ...

The HD 7970 comes back with a score of 3,406 and the GTX 680 hits 3,013 on the Extreme settings of the 3DMark benchmark. On the standard settings the gap between the two top GPUs increases with the AMD card hitting 6,911 and the Nvidia card just 6,049.

I was speaking with Nvidia about this yesterday, and while they are more than happy to keep ensuring their drivers work perfectly with 3DMark to give Nvidia cards the best possible results, they still see it as less important than real-world game benchmarks.

Thatís perhaps not surprising given that AMDís HD 7970 gives the GTX 680 a good spanking in the overall results.

then this ...

Whatís interesting about this version of 3DMark though is the amount of information it gives you afterwards and that makes better viewing for Nvidia than it does AMD.

The results graph is intriguing in that it shows a much larger, spikier variation in frame rate on the HD 7970 than it does on the GTX 680.

The Nvidia card is far smoother throughout the benchmark, and indicates that a GTX 680 will offer a more stable gaming experience even if it doesnít necessarily give the biggest average frame per second score at the end.

somewhat interesting, i guess ...but when it comes to benchmarking, it's typically the top scores that matter most.

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