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02-07-2013, 05:03 PM
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I'll wait to see how restrictive and annoying the new DRM rules are, and what the EULAs say. I know the courts have been consistent in allowing resale and trade of games or DVDs (first sale), no matter how much content providers state that you are only renting the content. Although this is being diluted over time by sneaky intellectual property shenanigans. At first MS and Sony will prolly need a system to allow you to de-list the game from the server so you can resell it. There should probably be a way of playing offline for a limited amount of time or share your games with your kid brother if he has his own console (maybe).

Both MS and Sony would prolly like to expand their own stores to sell you games, I don't know if they can do this exclusively by law. They'd better offer more storage if they want to sell us more e-stuff. They also would prefer that you be connected to push firmware upgrades. The major game developers are probably pushing the console makers towards always online, so the rules will probably be the same on Sony or MS consoles (for popularity reasons, one won't accept more regulation than the other). PC gamers are already accepting their share of DRM, Steam rules, or more restrictive DRM on physical media, console gamers will too after a period of adjustment (this seems to be a major jump). I just hope they don't accept too much, otherwise the game developers will push for more (one inch at a time) on any platform.

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