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Originally Posted by hockeymass View Post
I don't really feel like that accomplishes anything but raising tempers. Obviously you have to stand your ground, but I just get annoyed when guys respond to goals by getting salty. It's a game. Respond on the scoreboard.

Here's how I feel. Everyone's there to have fun. There's no scouts in the stands, nobody's gonna hand you a contract because they like your grit. It's fine to step into contact a little bit or push a guy out of the slot, but trying to skirt the rules is just going to get people mad, and the refs shouldn't have to go out of their way to keep everyone in line. Players should police themselves and police their teammates and if you can't contribute without getting chippy then play down a division.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I just really hate when we have to all sit around because two tough guys decided to get handsy. I like scoring goals and I like skating and I can't do those things when it gets out of hand.
I didn't mean to start whacking people because you're getting beat, I meant that if the team is rolling you it's usually good to get more physical. They might be afraid to skate hard against you because they might expect a cheap shot, they might know they can't overpower you, or whatever the case. It'll dumb down their game, and often that can help close the gap.

Believe me, though I'm one of the tough guys I am FAR from an instigator. Our small weak guys are best at that (which is a trend around here )

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