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Originally Posted by JB52 View Post
I couldn't disagree more with that statement, for small market at least. (Who are by definition, smaller) I live in Lévis, the south shore of Québec city. I am at at most 20 minutes from the colisée and yet, I'm not included in the metropolitain area. In the old days of the Nordique, there was dozen of buses from Saguenay, Trois-Rivières and the east of the province comming at the games. If a team ever came back, it will be a entire region team.
You do are included in the metro area, it's the city one you are not included in. With that said, I also don't understand why the city numbers would matter more than enlarged ones when it's easy to drive around the city, save for rush hours, and even then it's on given roads, it still is easy to adapt with a bit of creativity. Some people in Lévis are possibly closer to the arena than people living in some parts of Québec, a geographical (with travel times) rather than administrative approach seems more appropriate.

On the estimate VS census: I don't see how a more than 5 years old projection would be more accurate than a year old census. Statistically, it's already pretty damn weak to project 3 years ahead, let alone more. Also, IIRC, providing the very basic informations in the context of a census is still required.

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