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02-07-2013, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
Yep Kane is worth Subban maybe less.

I really should have just laughed and stopped here.
Roughly the same age potential they are a lot closer than Byfuglien is to Subban in value.

Look what Goligoski was worth now compare Subban and Goligoski you have your answer.

Go and find the trade threads when this happen because I remember it well. Dallas fans were PISSED. 1 organizations bonehead move does not set the bar.

Byfuglien has played more as a forward than as a dman that tells a lot about the hawks confidence in him being a dman.
You're really reaching. What you just said basically means nothing.

We made the same mistake with Streit but he is not great defensively either.

He is actually better than people think in his own zone but he's still got a lot to improve and i think he pretty much hit his ceiling.
Once again, everything you've said leads me to believe that you've watched abotu 3 Jets games over the last 2 years and saw Buff make some bonehead moves. I've been watching religiously and can tell you that the Buff of this year is way more consistent than he was last year.

I just love those fans were the number of points equals how good you are. Ryder scored 30 goals or plus 4 times in his career yet still he is considered a 2nd line winger at best why is that?

Irrelevant and reaching

Mike Green was by a mile the best scoring dman in the league, yet everyone knew he was far from being the best dman in the league. Probably why he didn't won the Norris.

Karlsson last year won the Norris because he was actually good defensively too combined in being the best offensive dman in the league. Byfuglien was - 8 last year and a minus player in every year he has played in the league. Don't talk about playing for a bad team Subban was +9 last year on the last place habs.

+ - is a team stat

You have the right to like Byfuglien he is good but as a dman he is not in the top 20 in the league right now.
Now you're just smoking crack. Name 20 better D man than Buff right now.

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