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Originally Posted by LOFIN View Post
I can imagine. Sometimes when you really stop and think about how you speak and what rules your language has, makes me think and respect the foreigners who have moved here and learned the language.
Yes and people are different so they learn in different ways. I still know absolutely nothing about the rules in both Finnish and English but graduated from lukio with a 9 average, E and L respectively in the matriculation exam. I just completely failed the "rules" tests (where you actually have to name the rules and break sentences apart and point out all that crap), and aced everything else. In the matriculation exam they don't ask you about rules.

Some people learn by the rules, makes it easier for them to understand the language. Some people (like me) learn in a different way. I was always overwhelmed and not interested at all when it came to the rules of any language.

So everyone needs to find the way that best suits them. If you don't learn by the rules, then you have to listen and read a lot.

Finnish TV is great for that, since there is no dubbing and everything foreign is subtitled. You can hear them say it in english, and you can see it written in Finnish.

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