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02-07-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
Could care less about his views/opinions/beliefs off the ice. I watch this game to be entertained and I have always appreciated guys who bust arse and do whatever it takes to win and Timmy, without hesitation was that kind of a guy. That first year under Julien was, IMO, one of Timmy`s best with a team that hadn`t yet been fully developed

Didn`t like the way things end, but I`ll never allow that to have me turn on a guy who bled Black and Gold while he was here
I would have liked Timmy to go out on a better note.

I hope he visits us sometime.

It was fun to see Tim and Tuukka interact during the games. I think Tuukka learned a few things.

I think I saw Timmy pick Bergy up off his feet and hug him after they won the cup...very sweet.

It's going to be a long Summer.
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