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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
AIUI, you are required to have a minimum of 2 goalies, 18 skaters (on roster).
The Minimum Playing Roster hasn't changed - 18 skaters + 2 goalies.

There were cases where a team was forced to play short because they did not have cap space to call up injury replacements - but that has been addressed in the new CBA:

24. Minimum Playing Roster

Clubs who are forced by reason of insufficient Cap Room (resulting from Player injury or suspension) to dress short of 18 and 2 for consecutive games (“roster emergency”) may, beginning for the second and continuing with all subsequent consecutive games, and without any charge to the team’s Payroll Range for the duration of the roster emergency, add to its Playing Roster and dress the requisite number of “emergency replacement” Players provided, however, that:
a) Any and all such recalled “emergency replacement” Players shall have an AA that is not more than the then-applicable NHL Minimum Salary plus $100,000 (e.g., currently $625,000), and

b) Each such Player may only remain on that Club’s Active Roster during the period of the “roster emergency.”

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