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Originally Posted by Pantherfan12 View Post
I couldn't disagree more.
I don't really remember too many fans being unhappy about the Clemmensen signing, or at least wanting to "bag" him right from the start. As far as I remember, most people were pretty happy that we did sign him because he did so well when Broduer was out. He really held his own and the fans felt that he would be just as good a backup as Anderson was.
Clemmensen was serviceable last season? What does that mean? That he stinks but stole some wins for us? I never had a problem that we signed him, because like many others, I was under the impression we were getting a goaltender that brought the Devils to the playoffs when Broduer went down. Instead, what we have is Alex Auld 2.0. Clemmer is horrible this season and he lost the game for us in Winnipeg as well as 3 points. I think Dineens comments were that he isn't happy with Clemmer but he won't single him out to the media.
I believe Markstrom should be brought up and Clemmer sent through waivers. Markstrom may not turn out to be our next superstar goalie,but I'd much rather give him a real chance and see what he's made of. He is better than Clemmer, so that's an improvment to our goaltending. Add in Gudbranson to our lineup,and Strachan and Ellerby improving and now our D looks a little more solid.
Your sort of making my point for me. Im just saying that most fans here seem to have an irrational dislike for the guy, ignoring what he did last year, saying silly emotional things like "i just dont feel confident with him", etc... im not singling anyone out, but theres just an overall anti-Clem feeling that was present even at the beginning of last year.

Calling him Alex Auld is just wrong. What do I mean with "serviceable"? Let me be less vague. He was GOOD as a backup last year (14-6-6! Points in 20/26 games). Yes, GOOD. That is above average for a backup. And he has played 2 games this year. Way to early to be completely dissing him.

Im not saying he's Gods gift to goaltending. Im not saying that he should start. Im not even saying hes better than Markstrom. But he is definately more harshly judged than any other panther. And back-up goalie isnt the reason why we are where we are.

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