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02-07-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by hpleisman View Post
Why don't you agree? Howards not a championship goaltender, Ericsson is overpaid, Blashill is a young genius, and Nyquist is extremely talented just hasen't been given a decent shot.
Howard's SV% was low last playoffs when a defensively awful Wings team crapped the bed, and only in a 5 game period. The previous 2 playoff runs he was .915 in 12 games and .923 in 11 games. His total playoff save % is .915, all in front of a team that has been defensively garbage during his time in net, so don't misrepresent him.

Big E is not particularly impressive. However, he's not fodder anymore now. He's a fairly safe, stable player that can eat up a lot of minutes with relatively low impact, and he could still put his skills together a little more. Frankly, he's not around for long enough or enough money to be worth buying out. The contract favors him a little, but its not an impediment on the team.

Babcock has handled a team in a transitory period the last couple years and has still kept the team about .500 and in the playoffs (we'll see this year). He obviously he has the players respect. Blashill may be an eventual replacement, but Babs isn't going anywhere yet.

I don't disagree that Nyquist has potential to be a top scorer, but I'd say you're writing off Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and to a lesser extent Filppula a bit early. I'll be happy if he does lead scoring, as long as it's with a PPG or more.

As for Helm, I'd be happy to see him wearing an A within the next season or two, but I think Flip is ahead of him in line.

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