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02-07-2013, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post
There are only illegal drones on Mars, so I'm afraid humanity has no claim over Mars yet. Moon on the other hand, I'm sure we'll see hockey teams there in the future. Seriously.
Definitely, Mars and the Moon are the way to go! Ever since my childhood days, I've been a fan of the Russian sci-fi writer Kir Bulychev, and he predicted just what ult is talking about above, in this hilarious piece of dialogue from his 1971 classic Alice's Voyage (Путешествие Алисы) (click for full size):

I also remember how in another famous Bulychev novel, One Hundred Years Ahead (Сто лет тому вперёд), published in 1978, he predicts people traveling within Moscow simply by walking through a door. This image has stuck with me since my childhood days. It's exactly what the KHL would need, but it's not likely to happen within Mr. Medvedev's term of office (or indeed lifetime). I also remember how someone in that novel is sitting on a park bench and reading newspapers on something like an iPad -- I'll have to reread the novel to check that again, but it seemed absolutely incredible to me when I first read that in the 1980s, just like hockey on the Moon may seem incredible today. (At the same time, Bulychev completely failed at foreseeing such commonplace pieces of technology used today as the mobile phone, emails, or the Internet.)

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