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Originally Posted by bigred50 View Post
Miller is killing me in my hockey pool this year.

But Go Habs Go.
Ugh tell me about it. I have him AND Myers. I say Buffalo goes for a firesale but I doubt Miller or Myers goes anywhere due to contracts and being hard to replace. What Buffalo should do is fire Lindry Ruff. He's coasting on this reputation he's some sort of genius with small market, small budget clubs (or club in this case) cause of success with the 97-01 Sabres of the Hasek era then the 05-07 era where they were offensively geared. But he's not as special as they say. Can't believe any pundit would consider him to coach Team Canada at the Olympics. They just think that because Buffalo has held onto him for 15 years he must be some sort of wonderful coach.

Well he ain't going to the HOF despite the accolades. Billy Reay once coached the Hawks for 15 years with 0 Stanley Cups to show for it in three Finals trip too. Does that mean he was great? No it just means the Hawks believed in him to the bitter end. I'll tell ya what: Ruff's tea has 4 playoff appearances in 10 years. Loyalty counts I guess but man that sucks IMO. Regier's done an ok job but he's tied himself to that horse and it's been dragging the Sabres down. Change might just be in order. Sure someone will snap him up somewhere but then he'll just prove what I've always believed when a team like Columbus or something thinks he'll raise them to glory: He is overrated!

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