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02-07-2013, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
Keith Yes
Seabrook Defence is better Byfugliens offence far superior
Pietrangelo Yes
Erik Johnson No
Kronwall Yes
Karlsson Pretty similar type of player Karlsson's defence and offence both better
Yandle Pretty similar his defence might be slightly better Byfuglien's offence better
Ekman Larsson way more complete than Byfuglien Not yet Byfuglien is far superior on offence outweighs OEL's slight advantage defensively
Subban Better on defence not by a huge margin Byfuglien has still got a decent advantage on offence
Markov No
Mcdonagh Better on defence offence is not even close
Marc Staal See above
Shea Weber Goes without saying
Ryan Suter See above
Edler Haven't seen him this year but last year I think he was struggling quite a bit defensively so not sure
Letang Slightly better defensively because of his other worldly skating ability struggles quite a bit defensively sometimes offensively Byfuglien is maybe slightly better but pretty even
Dan Boyle Yes for now
Chara Goes without saying

Just to name a few i'm sure other will come to mind

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