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02-07-2013, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by vector209 View Post
When was the last time Phil Kessel played in the playoffs? 2008-09, when the league was different than it is now. The dude is soft. Even his own fans admit that much. He has talent, but he's not what this team needs.
Mike Cammalleri is among the softest players in the game. He is absolutely lethal in the playoffs. Ask Washington, Pittsburgh and the supposedly "super tough" Boston. Briere is another small and undersized player who is extraordinarily consistent in the post season. If the playoffs are so different from than to now, why have the Sedins put up some solid numbers?

Originally Posted by mrmyheadhurts View Post
How could you possibly know this? The last time he was in the playoffs was a point per game player at the tender age of 21.

Kessel is terribly underrated in my opinion. He is a terrific skater and can score from anywhere inside the blueline. He's no softer than other players of his ilk. It's seems like if you're not Lucic you're perceived as useless in the playoffs nowadays.

That being said, for what it would cost, Kessel doesn't really interest me.
Ironically, Lucic has been a frequent no show during the playoffs. In fact, many of the larger "powerforward" types are quiet because of the increased physicality expected of them. Pure snipers like Kessel are meant to be unleashed regardless of whether it is in the regular or post season.

Originally Posted by Maccas View Post
Oh for sure, but he is also a player on a 5m contract with only 1 year remaining, assuming he has a good season with the Canucks then not only is he going to be looking for a payrise (which we can't afford) or he is going to be moving on and for that one season we've moved our best goalkeeping and offensive prospect and a talented D prospect.
Yeah he'd increase our chances of winning the cup for a year or two but I'd rather have a lot of good years from Schnieder and Jensen and stay competitive than to sell off our future on a player we don't even know wants to play here.
I am not convinced he does run off for a huge pay increase. Kessel is a relatively quiet guy who, despite wanting to win, prefers to be so away from the limelight. He would have that opportunity here by virtue of not being considered among our media focused core. Offer him 6-8 years and I wager we could get him under or around 5.5M. Even at 6M, Kessel is still affordable.

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