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02-07-2013, 09:21 PM
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I want to be fair to the guy but he doesn't make it easy. I understand that the roster is not the most desirable so, for the most part, I try not to judge the guy on the outcomes of the games score wise.

In terms of overall effort given by his team he leaves a lot to be desired. Some of his decisions like pulling the goalie when his team doesn't deserve it because of the crap effort they put forth. A coaches decision to pull the goalie for an extra skater is not an entitlement, it's earned by the players on the ice for giving an effort. You do that on a night like tonight it's sends the wrong message.

Preparation is not exactly this guys strong suit. It's rather unfortunate. I think it's what makes him a bad coach. His system just doesn't work either. I don't think he inspires a lot of confidence or demand a lot of respect from the guys in the room either. Otherwise they'd be prepared to play when the puck is dropped instead of skating around in a fog.

The team itself needs an old school hard ass coach. A Mike Keenan or a Par Burns kinda guy. Someone with a flare for some passion behind the bench wouldn't hurt either. That's how you win the hearts of a young team.

I really think over these last few seasons it's evident the kind of coach this team needs. Problem is that if you fire the coach it might send a message to players they can get away with it with next guy.

Minor house cleaning might be in order. Starting with sending Visnovski somewhere else before a cancer gets in the room.

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