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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
To answer your question shortly, no, as you don't seem to openly claim and pretend to be a fan of that team. So far, Bayern just displayed their talent to you and you enjoyed it. But you aren't claiming to be a Bayern Munich fan, pretending to know everything. Thats what a bandwagoner is in my eyes

As for the longer explination;

To cheer for Bayern is not considered as a bandwagon. To cheer for City might get you a couple of weird looks here and there, considering their recent success in the PL. A lot of people might generalize it, and suppose you are one of those who jumped on the bandwagon after they won the title.

Personally, I believe that if you don't want to be regarded as a bandwagon fan, learning about the Club is a good way to dissipate all doubts. Show that you are a fan of the Club, the crest on the jersey, and not just the current team. But thats my personal point of view. I don't know if most people will agree with me on this, but its how I view it. Its just something I tend to do on a personal basis. I watch hours of video about Arsenal to continuously inform myself. I read about the Club's history, and cheer for the The Arsenal.

One thing that everyone on this thread/board will agree on is; just watch a lot of games. Make a shortlist of teams you think you may enjoy, and just watch them whenever you have a chance to. Unconsciously, you will slowly start shifting towards one team, and before you know it, they will become the club you are attached to.
Thanks man! I've been trying to watch all the games I can, it's hard to with time differences and school, but when I do get the chance I love watching it, I'm still trying to learn the style that they play in EPL and BDL, but it's very enjoyable. Still trying to learn the players besides you know Gomez, Muller, Ribery, Robben, Neuer, Schweinstiger, Lahm. One thing I do love about football is watching the unsung guys on the teams, one's that don't get recognized as much but are still very solid players and how quick the game can turn on the pitch, from one team dominating and not being able to score to the other team surprising them on the counter attack and all sudden it's 1-0.

Originally Posted by LOFIN View Post
IMO everyone should be a fan of their local team first and foremost. If you have a chance to go see Galaxy games live, do it! Nothing beats live football. Then again, everyone of us likes to watch quality football in the winter as well. Some of the ppl just watch quality matches and don't root for any particular team, some choose another team overseas and stick with that. I find myself watching Arsenal, as they play a brand of football I like (or played atleast), and I like the clubs culture. But the local team always comes first in my oppinion.

I'm not a big fan of those people who look down on their local football teams and leagues and then claim to be a huge fan of one of the big European teams. The fact is that football is at its best when you can experience it live, and it's kinda hard if your favourite team is across the Pond.
Originally Posted by villevalo View Post
I'd suggest going to watch your local side in whatever quality that football is.

Case in point, I'm a fan of Tampa Bay Lightning, I like watching the games and am always looking towards the draft and so on.

But my local hockey side, about a million miles away from NHL hockey, just about semi pro, I support them, I have a much more emotional tie to the team, going through the bad times of nearly no team, highs of winning cups.

It means that if there's a Lightning game on tv or going to watch my hockey team....there's no comparison.

I'd say there's nothing wrong with watching Euro football, there is a case for going along and supporting your local sides.
You guys are both right, I didn't mean to sound like I don't care about the Galaxy as much, they are just kinda in the back of my head right now with MLS still on break and all the winter ball going on, they still are my root team both as local and the team that got me into football, it was incredible watching the team turn the season around last year and make their run through the playoffs and seeing how much L.A got behind the team. I still haven't been to a game live, I really want to though, football is the only sport I haven't seen live yet. Although I do kinda wish I got to see Beckham live, either way it seems awesome live. Thanks for the answers though guys! Made me remember how much I really do love the Galaxy.

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