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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
I'm sorry fellow mods. I realize this is just going to be another thread that likely derails into team toughness and Garth Snow and Charles Wang, but I can't take this coach anymore.

What does he do well?

The team routinely starts off the game slowly. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that we've given up goals on the first shot on goal twice so far this season. As we all know this was a major problem last year.

We rarely play with any sense of urgency. The line matchups are always out of whack. Why he always puts our 4th line out against the oppositions 1st line after a power play is beyond me. He doesn't reward players like Ullstrom with power play time or time spent on a better line. Is there really any reason he's still on our 3rd line & Kyle on the 2nd/2nd PP?

The pulling of the goalie. HOLY HELL, what is this guy doing? Every stinking game we're down by 2, he pulls the goalie way too early, and at a time when the goalie shouldn't be pulled yet and we always give up an empty net goal. The guy must be crazy, because I can't recall a single time in his tenure that the Isles have scored 2 with the empty net.

I hate Fred Flintstone, and I don't even care if Doug Weight is woefully underqualified (why he isn't learning in the AHL right now is beyond me). Make the change already. I can't take it anymore.

Pretty much covered everything I was going to say.

The guy is an NHL coach and he can't even pull his goaltender at a safe time. Two games in a row where the goalie is pulled and the other team scores in less than 5 seconds. Are you ****ing kidding me?

This guy sucks, plain and simple.

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