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Originally Posted by Crisp Breakout View Post
To me, if you've watched both players play even a handful of times, there's not much question, regardless of what the stat sheet shows...

But what a surprise this thread is headed south.
You pull the "if you've watched them play" card, and then complain about the southward direction of the thread? I will openly admit. I haven't watched O'Reilly play a single game this season. That's the problem.

As for the direction of the thread--I offered a post carefully and politely explaining why A- the Rangers are bad trade partners and B- the Avs won't get what they expect IF they decide to trade O'Reilly. None of you wanted to talk about that. You'd rather speculate on which of the Rangers top-4 d-men you'd rather have, while ignoring the obvious fact that NONE of them would be available for a contract hold-out with one good season under his belt.

And for the record, I have seen both players play many times. I loved O'Reilly's game last year. That said, I loved Petr Prucha's game in 05-06. There's a reason the bigger contracts go to the players with a demonstrated track record of consistency--you know what you'll be paying for. O'Reilly hasn't shown that yet, and Avs fans need to take that into account in their expectations.

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