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02-07-2013, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
We were in perfect control of this game before White took that brainless 4 min roughing penality, if it was to defend a teammate I would have understood better but he dropped the gloves for himself, what is unacceptable considering how precious the pts are.. I blame this one 100% on Ryan White cause his penality was total disrespect toward his teammates who battled hard all night long to get the 2 pts..
OK. My last response on this thread regarding White.

If you simply take the hit by Ott on White and then look at White's reaction, yes it was over the top. He should have went up to him and offered him to drop the gloves.

But plays do not happen in a vacuum. You have to take everything that happened prior to that and then put that into context.

White is a player's player. A team player. Right before White went over the boards, Ott was harrassing Gionta all over the ice. It started with Ott grabbing Gionta's stick (refs let that go) and Gionta responding to a punch to Ott's chest. Ott then followed Gionta around the ice, pushing him and then they were standing toe to toe. White sees this and then Ott skates toward White and then went low on him.

Dumb move to drop the gloves with Ott playing the role of a troll. Cost us a goal.

But the game? No way in hell.

We shot the puck into Buffalo's end with 14 seconds to play. We only used one forechecker where two would have been better to offer more pressure. And the the blown call.

That had nothing to do with White. Nothing at all.

Anyway, have a great evening.

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