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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
All of those things you have said are true but let me ask you this, does tonight, our 9th game of the season mean that we are now suddenly the same as the Canes when they won the cup? Are we the ducks? Are the Lightning?

No, we are the team that just returned its entire roster after winning the cup. The same guys, the same coaches and everyone else except Kompon.

We are missing two huge key factors to our success and asking our rarely played 7th dman and a pure rookie to fill in for them. Their absence also causes our forwards to try and help cover for their loss (which is obvious when watching them play but the results sure don't seem to show for it) and our remaining D to try and do too much as well.

My point is this game sucks and we aren't seeing what we want but it isn't the end of the world nor are we suddenly going to be another one hit wonder simply because a, others have been and b, we aren't playing as well as we did for the last third of last season and through our cup run.

Its going to be fine. We will get healthy. We will adjust. We will be fine. These things, while difficult to go through as a team and as fans are where character are built and that is what I see happening.

It isn't the end of the world, its just a hill. We can climb it and win the cup again. One game doesn't undue anything, nor do ten.

I mean can't we also go on an 8 game winning streak once we get healthy? Can't we make a couple of adjustments and be right where we want to be? I mean, we just won the cup and now I am supposed to believe that we are going to be the worst team in the league again because we aren't having a perfect start?

Take a look at the records of other teams that have won the cup since the lock out that have won it more than once (look at the wings, they came back after winning a cup and had a terrible start and have won the cup again) or have been right there among the elite teams competing for it.

We are young and talented and my money is on our turning it on and getting back there more than failing. That is my point.
Some problems here TG.

1. 9 Games is alot in this lockout shortened season. The Kings have dug themselves a massive hole here with their play so far.

2. Time to bury last year, the Kings had a magical run, but that team is nowhere to be found, and this idea that a switch will be flipped is a little ridiculous.

3. Bringing everyone back was not a good thing. For one, Penner and Stoll are barely NHL players at this point, a total waste of over $6 million this year, and $6 more for Stoll the next two years. And in addition there doesn't seem to be very much hunger anywhere. Where is the Dwight King from last year? It just seems everyone is way to comfortable going through the motions.

4. The problems on the ice, well you mention injuries on the back end and that is valid until you consider the Kings are 30th in goals. It's the same problem it's been in the past, the Kings are built on strength down the middle and they are getting zilch from their centers. Kopitar is playing poorly, probably still not 100% recovered from the injury, but that is an excuse, he looks invisible many nights. The Kings second line has done nothing 5 on 5, Mike Richards going forward has to be looked at as being a really good 3rd line center, and whether the answer is slotting Carter over and getting a winger or trading for a center, they can't keep getting nothing from that spot, especially since it's a given they will get nothing from #28 and the 3rd line.

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