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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
It's not a misrepresentation at all. You're asserting that he shouldn't be judged on not being able to get the players in line because of his inexperience and the bad habits of the roster. As much as I disliked him as a coach, remind me again how much experience Dale Hunter had?

I'm not judging him based on the fans dissatisfaction. I merely said it seemed their negative attitude towards him (which you're dismissing entirely because it's only based on the PP) seems to have been justified, based on this season.

How is it not the same thing at all? Oates was hired as the coach of a playoff team, and it's tanked. They were hired as coaches of bad teams, and elevated their performances.

You think those bad teams were well constructed and full of players with good habits?
It seems like we have a fundamentally different view of how ****ed up this team is. Hunter got them to brutally grind out games and win coin tosses by pulling back into a shell and just out-desperating teams. It was a band-aid. If you want to adopt that as a permanent system because you believe in it, then fine I guess. Hunter's approach masked how ****ed up the team was; it was probably necessary because of how ****ed the team was, how incapable of coherent play they were/are. It was an impressive job under the circumstances, but it doesn't mean Oates is failing right now.

To me, Hunter was a band-aid, but none of the fundamental problems that had existed before him were solved under him, so when the band-aid is peeled back and an attempt at a coherent approach is made, the team that lost all those games to get Boudreau fired is still right where it was.

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