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02-07-2013, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
You pull the "if you've watched them play" card, and then complain about the southward direction of the thread? I will openly admit. I haven't watched O'Reilly play a single game this season. That's the problem.

As for the direction of the thread--I offered a post carefully and politely explaining why A- the Rangers are bad trade partners and B- the Avs won't get what they expect IF they decide to trade O'Reilly. None of you wanted to talk about that. You'd rather speculate on which of the Rangers top-4 d-men you'd rather have, while ignoring the obvious fact that NONE of them would be available for a contract hold-out with one good season under his belt.

And for the record, I have seen both players play many times. I loved O'Reilly's game last year. That said, I loved Petr Prucha's game in 05-06. There's a reason the bigger contracts go to the players with a demonstrated track record of consistency--you know what you'll be paying for. O'Reilly hasn't shown that yet, and Avs fans need to take that into account in their expectations.
I pull the "if you've watched them play" card because these consistency/one good year comments inevitably come. If you really bothered to watch him, it would have been evident that he was going to score as a top-6 forward from the time he set foot on the ice as an 18 year old. He looked like a ten year veteran. The only thing surprising is how quickly his offense came out. Though, this again was very predictable if you had watched during the Avs abysmal stretch before drafting Landeskog. Stepan has demonstrated he can put those point totals, true. But he has also consistently demonstrated that he doesn't match up to O'Reilly on the other side of the puck.

I agree they are bad trading partners; in fact, I allude to that in the post that you initially quoted. As for the not getting what we expected... I don't think a single Avalanche fan would be willing to trade ROR for MDZ if the contract dispute did not exist.

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