Thread: Post-Game Talk: Leafs 3 Jets 2. Pavelec fails again.
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02-07-2013, 11:26 PM
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I have to say I'm starting to become really weary of Pavalec apologists trying to constantly excuse away his marginal goaltending. That fat contract of his is money that could have been put towards a forward or defenceman, instead, we have a goaltender ranked dead last in save % for starters and in the 50's for the whole league.

Postma had a rough game, but that can be forgiven. Very excited about Redmond. Feeling kind of numb about the game, and starting to realize that we're still very much lost in the desert. It's deflating.

edit: Not really sure where the Enstrom hate is coming from. Maybe the rough turnover that lead to a goal against the Islanders (or was it Montreal?). Defense wasn't an issue here. 15 shots is childsplay for NHL goaltenders

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