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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
When I have to agree with NoNeck's, obvious doesn't begin to describe the topic at hand.

Wins are great ... but they are not always the result of playing solid hockey. We had one line performing in the 1st period and did nothing in the 2nd until the rush Wilson scored on. Our offense is not "on" ... it's lucky right now. Luck is not sustainable. Needing to count upon our defense to give up no more than one goal is playing on a razor's edge ... and that is exactly what we're doing of late. We're repeatedly getting stuck in our own end with no clue how to clear the zone ... just look at the shift immediately following Wilson's first goal where Blum and Ellis got stuck out there for 2:33 for an extreme example. The PK is looking better right now ... our faceoffs are hit or miss from one game to the next, hell, one period to the next ... Peks is looking like the Peks of old ... our few scoring chances are featuring more of a net presence ... all positives. The thing is that those positives don't negate the glaring issues we've faced all season. Sorry if reality tempers my happiness over the wins because anyone who has ever paid attention to this sport knows that continuing to win on luck alone is highly unlikely.
Your posts really just leave me speechless- after beating two teams a combined 9-1, you still spend way more time detailing all the problems we have. I guess anything short of perfection is just not good enough??? Once again, I am not a person who is just singing sunshine all the time- if we struggle to put shots on net or score or anything else in games where we ACTUALLY NEED IT, I will be right here with you complaining about it.

But this 4 game winning streak the team has put together is pretty amazing, and I am not going to spend more energy nit picking the negatives than I am being thrilled about the start we are off to.

(And on a side note- did you happen to watch the Blues/Wings game? Very similar to our game there Tuesday- Wings had a 4-1 lead after 2- in the third period, they had TWO shots on goal- that is because, as I pointed out in that game thread, when ANY team in ANY sport builds a huge lead, they always let up offensively- always. So should Detroit fans be worried about the shots on goal after the game tonight or happy about a great road win?)

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