Thread: Post-Game Talk: Leafs 3 Jets 2. Pavelec fails again.
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02-07-2013, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Lynk View Post
Ok never mind, our forwards were alive!

Clitsome's goal has been changed to Ladd's!
Capt Protractor with another deflection goal. Not the biggest fan of his game, but he does seem to have a gift for touching pucks @ 100mph.

I too felt there was not much danger coming from the forwards.
Joker - I like the guy’s attitude, but he has been non-existent.
Kane is not hard charging like he was last season, then again he does not need to get a big contract this season and teams have figured out how to block his quarter-circle hadouken move.
I am not seeing guys losing cover. Perhaps we should have had Scheifele stick around and start teaching the guys how to lose cover and get open...the kid seemed to be good at that.
Burmi played alright.
Redmond is turning out to be a bright spot.
Poni - WTF was that?
Stewie - Not in a tight game man

We can't win when the team is not clicking, and they are not clicking.
Pavs looked ok, but needs to step it up. I agree with those that said elite goalies make hard saves consistently, and Pavs is not playing that way. I am now at the point when a shot goes on the net I cringe.

Bottom line is this; the team looks timid, apprehensive. So worried about turnovers , mistakes or taking penalties that they end up being too hesitant and then end up turning it over, not getting it out of their end or taking a bad penalty.
I am not of those that think this is the coach’s fault; he only works with what he has.
But someone needs to light a fire under the boy’s backsides.

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