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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Did his priorities change? You guys act like it's the easiest thing in the world, to build a winner, yet it's weird, only ONE team gets to hoist that cup every year. It's true, the Avs DID go from being at the top of the league and perennial Stanley Cup contender to a team that has trouble making the playoffs but how do you lose Sakic, Roy, Forsberg, Blake and the rest without some sort of 're-set' at some point?

There's no real defense for the organization's short-sighted views on coaching though. That is going to be something that is going to have to change at some point but I think Sakic will see to that in time.

As for your last paragraph, I'll say this. To have a goal to 'win the cup' when you don't even come close to "having the horses" is just plain stupid. You have to take your lumps and yeah, sometimes it sucks. As an owner, 'not losing money' would certainly be at the top of my priorities, IF THE TEAM IS GOING TO STINK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! I've said it before numerous times, this team is following the same blueprint they had when they were the Nordiques.

P.S. - I love how people act like the Pittsburgh Penguins just got really, really GOOD overnight and never got the TWO 1st overall picks to draft Crosby & Fleury and TWO 2nd overall picks to draft Malkin and Staal. Never happened.

I think I'm going to dig up a "The Penguins owners don't care about winning and don't contend for the cup every year like they used to thread" from 2004.
Yes, I think his priorities changed. But we can agree to disagree on that. What I do think should be obvious is that he has not been willing to change some of his priorities in the wake of mediocrity. The whole Granato fiasco, a five year ordeal, is a testimony to that. When the team was coasted on the talent Lacroix inherited, his good ol' boys could be taken care of while keeping the team at the top. When the talent dipped and the success faltered, has there been any consideration that perhaps looking outside the good ol' boys network might be in the best interests of the team's future? None. So offer an argument that the Stanley Cup is still a priority over running the team "the Lacroix way", now that it is apparent the two priorities are in conflict.

I'm not sure why people are reading my words and coming up with "the team needs to win the Stanley Cup overnight". You are pulling that out of nowhere, or from someone else's posts. Read again. There was a time when the team's goal was to win the Cup every year. The goal now still needs to be winning the Cup. Not this year, with this team, but in two, three, five years... yes. The goal still needs to be, this year, with this team, getting the team closer. Getting them better. From what I see that has taken a back seat to other priorities.

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