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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Some problems here TG.

1. 9 Games is alot in this lockout shortened season. The Kings have dug themselves a massive hole here with their play so far.

2. Time to bury last year, the Kings had a magical run, but that team is nowhere to be found, and this idea that a switch will be flipped is a little ridiculous.

3. Bringing everyone back was not a good thing. For one, Penner and Stoll are barely NHL players at this point, a total waste of over $6 million this year, and $6 more for Stoll the next two years. And in addition there doesn't seem to be very much hunger anywhere. Where is the Dwight King from last year? It just seems everyone is way to comfortable going through the motions.

4. The problems on the ice, well you mention injuries on the back end and that is valid until you consider the Kings are 30th in goals. It's the same problem it's been in the past, the Kings are built on strength down the middle and they are getting zilch from their centers. Kopitar is playing poorly, probably still not 100% recovered from the injury, but that is an excuse, he looks invisible many nights. The Kings second line has done nothing 5 on 5, Mike Richards going forward has to be looked at as being a really good 3rd line center, and whether the answer is slotting Carter over and getting a winger or trading for a center, they can't keep getting nothing from that spot, especially since it's a given they will get nothing from #28 and the 3rd line.

Hey Herby

I will give you my best shot but it is late where I am so bare with me a bit.

1. I guess I have to say that we are 3-4-2 and not out of anything just yet. I understand that we need help and to get healthy but we have 39 games left to play. Its just too early to panic for me.

2. Last year and winning the cup is still relevant because of the fact that we have the same coaching staff and the same team that just won the cup. Nobody is so old that they can no longer play at the same level and our coaches with the exception of Kompon know what is required to make this team win the cup. So it is still relevant. Now I am not saying that we should all just point at the cup at the start of every game and then send out kids who have never played the NHL game before because it no longer matters what we do, I am saying that we are the same team and have the same core in tact that just won the cup so it isn't like we need to keep searching for that magical formula that is needed to win the cup.

3. I have to admit that I am/was surprised that we brought back Penner especially when he was sought after by TO and Pit but that is what seems to happen when a team wins a cup. They get all sentimental and do some things that make you wonder. I still think that Penner will move along before the season is out but that is just me. Stoll is Stoll. I think we have players on the team and in the system who can do the same thing but he is who DL and DS believe should be there so I will give the benefit of the doubt.

I guess I am saying I agree that bringing back a few of the players outside of our true core wasn't entirely necessary but I will say again that the season though short is only 9 gams old. I mean Edm is 4-3-3 and DLS is 5-5-1 both have played more games than us and are easily within striking distance. The very fact that EDM is where it is in the standings makes my position for me sort of. If they are where they are it proves that the season has a long way still to go and that things will sort themselves out.

4. Missing the guys that we are missing causes our forwards to try and do too much to help play responsibly (or what I call too cautiously and without confidence) making us weaker all around. I was on a team once that had both of our goalies injured early on and had to bring on a kid who had quit hockey a couple of months prior.

He was brutally awful and the entire team struggled trying to keep any shot from getting on goal (his best game saw him give up four goals on 5 shots total for the game). Everyone played differently, not more defencively, just differently all around and we struggled as a result. That is what I am seeing with us more than anything else.

As for Kopitar he should have sat out until he was ready. I know that he is playing but it is easy to see he doesn't have any real confidence in his injured leg and he isn't playing close to his capabilities. I am worried a bit about MR and the way he is starting this season. He clearly still has the ability to be an elite talent in the game but it seems he is picking and choosing when he wants to bring it and that goes against what the guy is supposed to be about.

Our bottom 6 is overcrowded. I was asked who we have on the farm who is ready and would help us on our bottom 6 for energy types and I would of course go with AA and Kozy but I wouldn't bring them up right now either.

I would move Richardson for whatever I can get (this is being tried) and keep Lewis on the fourth line but that's another subject. I do like the idea of moving Stoll and having Carter slot over to second line center and MR taking over 3rd line responsibilities but not just yet. I would like to see us play healthy first.

We obviously will have to move (up down or out) one of our additional LW's and I think that Penner is the better choice but that is me. One way or another when we are totally healthy we have too many forwards and will have to do something.

We are a young team about to get younger at the end of the season and to me it is just too early to hit the panic button. We are 7 points out of first place right now so we are far from out of it. It doesn't look great right now but we have what it takes and no what it takes to win a cup and that is proven. Now can we do what it takes? That is yet to be seen but I think we will.

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