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02-07-2013, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Thats My Hat View Post
He's not going to finish the season with the Wings. Like FlashyG pointed out, we have 3 goalies under 1 way contracts. KH isn't going to send a guy through waivers to let a 1st year pro (no matter how good he's playing) play. Though I hope I'm wrong, I really like this guy.

But if he keeps up his pace, he'll definitely be the first goalie the Wings will call up in case of more injuries, and he'll be on the team sooner than most prospects. Maybe even next year or the year after.
Yea I can see that. I just want to see what everyone here overall thinks might happen. Obviously with KH you never know he likes to keep these guys down for a long time but if he makes a big impact you think that could change it at all? What did we pay for Gustafsson? Either way I just wanted to get some other peoples views and seems like from the GDT everyone was very satisfied with how he performed. Yes one game is a very small sample however I think a lot of us were nervous whether he was going to be able to step up to the plate and keep his composure especially against a team like the Blues who embarrassed us in the first game this year. At the end of the day lots of bright spots in this game compared to the last few.

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