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02-07-2013, 11:19 PM
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7950 arrived. All tested up. It runs 10 degrees cooler than my 6950 and it's quieter.

3dmark11 score goes from 5103 to 7661
3dmark13 combined score goes from 1487 to 2639
Witcher2 FPS average jumped from 66 to 75, using my normal settings.
Metro2033 went from 52.67 to 68.7 FPS avg
Crysis 3 actually got worse, but as I discovered yesterday it's CPU bound even on a 2500k.

Overall about what I expected, and my game code card was included If it stays stable for a week or so I'll sell my 6950.

Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post

but anyway, i saw a PC Gamer article today regarding the new 3DMark and found this kinda interesting. ...
I think it's flawed to say the 680 offers a more stable experience based on that graph anyway. The minimum isn't very low, so there aren't huge dips. There are Spikes but I've never had a problem with spikes. If anything I think a higher maximum is a good thing when you are dealing in the area of crippling benchmark at 20FPS or less.

If we extrapolate that out to a game, the Nvidia card would be at 30 FPS constant while the AMD would be 25-40. I'm happier when I'm at 40 and the same when I'm at 25. It's not like the AMD card in that chart went far below the Nvidia card, it just dropped to it's level.

The 7970 winning the score isn't that surprising considering it wins a lot of other benches. In actual games they basically trade blows. There is always some level of benchmark jockeying between AMD and nVidia. Most of it nonsense.

Originally Posted by yada View Post
it would be music, i dont use itunes. im not worried about a bluray drive since i got a ps3 and a stand alone panasonic blu ray as well
Bestbuy has very good prices(last time I checked) on Asus laptops in the +/- $400 range. I'd start there. If you can try and get one with a core i3 CPU or better.

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