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02-08-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
I hope you're wrong.

No but really, anything but sending him down would be poor management. We finally have something that could be seen as some legit goaltending depth. Howard is a solid starter, Gustavsson is yet to play but he's an above average backup at worst, and Mrazek is starting to look more and more like a blue chip prospect. Short of having a Vezina goalie in net, this is ideal. Mrazek needs to play a lot of games and he'll do so with the Griffins at least this year and next. Squeeze a few NHL games in if/when someone goes down. When Gustavsson's contract is up and Mrazek has a couple of pro years under his belt, you re-evaluate the situation. If things go as planned, I see no reason why he couldn't be on the 14/15 goalie tandem. If he needs more time, you sign a free agent for a year. Goaltending is not something you rush, not even the best of them.
Its funny that you say that but quite a few teams in the past couple years or so have been doing that and they start out fairly well a good example is varly and holtby. When they made their start they were pretty solid none the less. However if you look at the way varly has played this year his numbers aren't looking so hot, I do put some of the blame on lines though not making him out to be a schmuck. I just look at it this way do we still go by the keep them over ripe situation when we could possibly have a legit goalie. I mean all of us for the most part have been harping on getting gus, emmerton and tatar into the line up ya know or are goalies different? Mrazek has had a little taste do we run with it?

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