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Originally Posted by Liberati0n View Post
I guess you do raise a valid point. Since he's the general manager, Oates really is to blame for the personnel.
He is to blame for not figuring out how to use whatever personnel he has effectively, absolutely. I guess John MacLean didn't suck either since he didn't assemble all those Devils players.

Yeah, because that's an indication Hunter's system is better. They executed Hunter's system better because Hunter's system was lowest-common-denominator hockey. Simplify everything as much as possible. Man-to-man coverage; chase your guy around instead of trying to determine the most efficient, coherent, team-based coverage.
You're kidding, right? That's how you put together a winning team. Put together a team trying to think their way through a game against a team that plays through one and the latter will crush it. Thinking slows you down. Thinking causes you to second-guess your reflexes and shank shots and not go 100% on the forecheck. If you played any sports you know the moment you start to lose is the moment you stop going with your instincts and start pondering things.

Higher IQ players don't think any more than lower IQ players. They can simply process more complex situations with the same ease as the Chimeras of the league can process dump and chase. Lidstrom wasn't solving differential equations every time he broke up a dump in. He wasn't thinking at all. Datsyuk doesn't think every time he steals the puck. You want to see a team deep in thought? Look at the Washington Capitals on the power play when they stand in one spot for 30 seconds at a time trying to think their way to that perfect play, rather than just playing hackey sack with the puck and having that inevitably open up the other team.

The human mind is the worst thing to ever happen to the human body

You think it implies something bad about Oates that the players aren't grasping his system as well as they grasped Hunter's. I think it implies something terrible about the players themselves (and by extension, the person who put them on the roster as a group) that they need the absolute simplest of "systems" to be able to execute what their coach wants.
Putting together a super cerebral system and trying to impart it on not particularly high IQ players is going to lead to a massive failure rate. It is literally the worst thing you can do. McPhee is at fault but a good coach needs to realize what he's working with. Something tells me Oates' system wouldn't shine with higher IQ players either.

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