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02-08-2013, 02:56 AM
Ted Black
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Went to the shop again today and tried on more skates. First pair- Tried the APX's again. I didn't mention it in my last post, but I only tried the right skate on last time. I was trying to compare it to the 18k. I tried both on this time and they're probably not going to work. I broke my fibula right down by the ankle 1.5 years ago and that ankle is still a bit bigger than my right. So with my depth worries, that skate probably isn't going to work. I'll prob try it on again one more time to make sure next time I go. Don't ask, it's just the way I am.

I thought the 18ks felt great today, i.e., better than the other day. I must be nuts. They felt great though. They're size 10 and I really think I want to squeeze into a 9.5. I just feel like my acceleration will be better because I can feel, or will be able to feel the ice so much better with that part of the steel, right beneath my toes. They don't have 18k's in 9.5. I think I tried on 20k's on Monday in 9.5, so I'll do that again next time I go. If I like them, I'm probably going to buy them. I'm really itching to get new skates, as either my skating is getting progressively worse, or my skates are just dead. They feel lifeless on the ice and they're not stable anymore. I remember a time when they felt much more explosive. I'm hoping a new pair of skates will bring this feeling back. From just walking around the store in new skates, it feels like it will.

Just an update for anyone who's paying attention!

I have another question What radius (profile) are 18k and 20k skates? I'll be getting them contoured with the first sharpening most likely. In the past I have sent my blades off to NoIcingSports (wanted to try FBV) and had them put a combo radius on them and I loved it. I think it was 8 and 11'. I don't want to deal with that this time around if I don't have to, but my shop doesn't do combo radii. Not sure what to go with?

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