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Originally Posted by Afino View Post
Uh, I think he's just referring to "this weekend". AKA don't expect a quick fix.

Naturally, the majority here will take this as "Lindy will never be fired".
yeah and why would the majority of us think that? what possible reason would sabres fans have tothink that darcy wont fire lindy. they are best friends and have been forever, lindy may not be going, but he has to make a major change to his philosophy, 16 years of the same sysem not working is cause for changing it up.

That said, it's not all him, darcy puts faith in streaky players whp are really good 20 percent of there careers asnd awful the other 80, like miller for example. HE IS NOT A GOOD GOALIE, He does not go out there every night and make saves that nhl goals should make. ANY shot from ANY point on the ice can go in and he will just shake his head. 1 vezina year and nothing since. myers - i good year and ZERO since, stafford- dissapears for months a time, and same with vanek (although he's hotter than he's ever been right now), but at the end of the season last year when we were close to clinching a playoff spot he turned into a zombie and was a waste of space....they wated 5 years only connolly because he has one good playoff game, but then they trade away proven consistant stars like briere and campbell, boy how nice would it be to have campbell right now, and he was in tears when he had t leave buffalo cause he wanted to stay so bad.......but we have leopold and myers.........erhoff is our only really good defensemen

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