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02-08-2013, 03:12 AM
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Bruins fan here, and secretly a Caps fan too a little. Ha. I've always liked the Caps and your team. I don't watch Cap games much so I'm not sure what is going on with the Caps this season, but I am surprised. You guys really surprised me and I loved the way you played against the B's in the playoffs last year. What has changed? Is it a new coach, and new systems and some injuries that is throwing the Caps off this season? Semin is gone, I remember that, but who replaced him?

I also always felt like you guys at one time were the most talented team in the NHL when Boudreau was running things. I felt like you guys were so close with Boudreau, but needed a few tweaks on your defense and goaltending and that was what was holding the Caps back in the playoffs. Then last season you got your goaltending going and were on a roll a bit in the playoffs.

Also, once you guys got rid of Boudreau it seems like Ovechkins' game changed too? What about Mike Green? What is going on with him? He's had some injuries, right? He stood out for me a few years ago as an up and coming superstar… it time to trade him and get a different look on your defense?

I don't know why you guys would get rid of Ovechkin. He is a player you build around and I think he is talented enough to bounce back from this slump or depression he is in.

What do you guys think your needs are? I keep hearing goaltending but what happened to Holtby? It always seemed to me you guys needed help with your defense….especially since Mike Green went down with injuries and now with Semin gone maybe a little tweaking on your offense?

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