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If the league expanded to 32 teams I believe they could do 60 games.

Done in the mind of a two conference split with two divisions of 8 in each.

You play the other conference once: in total 16 games

You play the other division in your conference twice: in total 32 games

You play your own division four times: in total would be 60 games.

--If you scheduled 3 games a week for each team, the season would take 20 weeks or approximately 5 months to complete. Starting in October, you could have the season finished by the end of February, with the playoffs lasting for the two months of March and April. This way the season doesn't begin clashing too much with the MLB schedule.**

I think it would add to the product. I've been in favour of reducing the amount of games for a while. 82 is too much. The regular season games mean too little in my opinion and the season with the playoffs goes on far too long.

I think with this, it would allow a few things:

1. More consistent scheduling: would help fans get a feel for when their team would be playing. They can set aside time to watch and/or attend their team's games easier.
2. Allow for midseason breaks for the All-star game, olympics, world cup.
3. Better quality of games, less injuries.
4. The playoffs could end before May/June.

**Alternatively if you wanted, you could begin the schedule in November (avoiding MLB playoffs) and end the season in March allowing for April and May for playoffs.

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