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02-08-2013, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
This just dawned on me, no idea if it's been discussed yet. While it is a longshot, it makes more sense the more I think about it.



While I don't think it would happen because of inter-division trades, it makes sense that this could be the building block for a trade. I'm not sure how each side feels about the value, again just the building block. With Harding diagnosed with MS and Backstrom becoming inconsistent, the Wild might be in the Lou sweepstakes.

Canucks get a Mentor and a very good back up for Schneids with the option to resign him or save cap space, while at the same time giving him enough competition to keep him motivated. Clutterbuck is always a nice addition to have.

Wild just spent a ton this offseason, they want to win and they'll spend. Loungo gives them that solid goaltending they need.

Honestly if they weren't in the same division, i'd say Wild would've been the frontrunner. IMO Toronto is too much in shambles (no identity) for them to take on Loungo, and the Caps believe that Holtby or Neuvirth will become the #1 soon, even if they're both playing pretty bad at the moment.
I'll admit, it is somewhat intriguing, if only because I would adore Clutterbuck on the Nucks. But his value is simply not enough to warrant Luongo. The Wild would need to include a respectable prospect or their first to make it worth our while.

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