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02-08-2013, 05:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Shoey View Post
I agree that Ennis is the team's best center, but his game doesn't fit with Vanek at all. Vanek is better when he's the primary catalyst of a line. You have to allow Thomas Vanek to be more than just a sniper, because he's truly a complete player.

A lot is made of how many different ways Thomas Vanek is capable of scoring, very little is made of the different ways Thomas Vanek can set people up. Give him hard working guys who go to the net and ice time and this is exactly what I've thought would happen for years, Vanek's vindicating everything a lot of us see when we watched him play. Hodgson isn't a perfect player yet, but he does have skill and he is willing to go to dirty areas to make a play. He's far and away the best fit to center Vanek on this roster right now.

Tyler Ennis creates offense primarily with his skating, he's another guy that's most effective when he's holding the puck and finding his own space. He can be frustrating with the turnovers but most of it is him working really hard and trying to make plays. If given the right matchups (this is helped by Vanek dominating on a separate line) he's also very capable of taking over a game. At 23 he's just an endlessly exciting player because I see real progress with him as he's matured... I think the best is yet to come.

The wildcard with this whole line of thinking? Grigs.

Grigorenko's vision is already showing some of the flashes I see from Vanek... if he ever develops into a #1 center it would have the potential to be Lafontaine/Mogilny all over again. 2 guys operating on a level few are capable of... but this is all theoretical and probably at least a year away from happening so I digress.

I don't think this team is very good right now, but I do think that's going to change as these guys mature... there's a lot of potential in this team.

oh and fire Lindy dammit, anybody who took 8 years to finally play Thomas Vanek in most situations deserves it.
Well said, sir

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