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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post

I think it's flawed to say the 680 offers a more stable experience based on that graph anyway. The minimum isn't very low, so there aren't huge dips. There are Spikes but I've never had a problem with spikes. If anything I think a higher maximum is a good thing when you are dealing in the area of crippling benchmark at 20FPS or less.

If we extrapolate that out to a game, the Nvidia card would be at 30 FPS constant while the AMD would be 25-40. I'm happier when I'm at 40 and the same when I'm at 25. It's not like the AMD card in that chart went far below the Nvidia card, it just dropped to it's level.

The 7970 winning the score isn't that surprising considering it wins a lot of other benches. In actual games they basically trade blows. There is always some level of benchmark jockeying between AMD and nVidia. Most of it nonsense.

ya i agree that i'd rather have spikes of higher frames than consistently lower frames during a benchmark. after all, its looking for the higher score here and AMD is delivering that with a slightly higher average.

but, i could see the point being made if talking about the performance of a game rather than benchmark.

when you say
If we extrapolate that out to a game, the Nvidia card would be at 30 FPS constant while the AMD would be 25-40.
...myself, i'd prefer the constant 30 fps since i always play with vsync on. (i can't stand screen tearing).

so that being the case, with the way that traditional vsync works, a constant 30 is going to be better because any time it drops below 30fps, it's going to automatically cut your frames to 20 or 15fps until it can regain 30fps again.

and with vsync enabled on my 60hz monitor, any time i can't maintain 60fps, it auto drops to 30fps that 40fps you mention wouldn't exsist with your typical vsync setting'd just be 30 since i'm not touching anywhere near 60fps.

so in this case, i'd rather the constant 30 rather than frames jumping around from 20 to 30fps, etc. ...and depending on how frequent the frames are dropped, it could get pretty annoying.

if you don't use vsync, and don't mind screen tearing, then the 25 to 40fps could end up being the preferred choice.

but anyway ...good to see you enjoy the new card. that game coupon really sweetens the pot. you got Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite free with it right?

sweet deal.

and yeah, i would imagine that there will be significant optimizations with regards to Crysis 3 from its current open beta state to its final release.

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