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02-08-2013, 06:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
So to put things on an edge: Either Desharnais or Eller will need to move over for the other to take his spot. And you hope/think it'll be Desharnais due to Eller being more able to serve as a third line center. Right?
Precisely. I don't think it's a particularly controversial statement to say that Eller is a more defensively reliable, and physical player. He also generates better puck possession. The big offensive difference is last year's stats. Desharnais played most of last season with two players having career years, Eller didn't. I always doubted Desharnais' ability to repeat that performance. He will regress to an extent, and with Galchenyuk he feels much more moveable to me. Plus, players of Eller's caliber are harder to find and develop. Small skilled forwards are not something we're short on. Bigger, smarter 2-way players who are good at face offs don't come around as often. It's not like we're in a win now mode, either. This is a transition year, and a lot of prospects are going to need to be given chances next season. Moving guys like Desharnais, Weber, White, and buying out/releasing Kaberle and Armstrong just seems to make more sense than giving up on a guy who's a responsible presence and shows good offensive flashes when he's on the right line.

Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Are they giving DD more EV TOI to raise his trade value or is it just poor talent assessment you think?
I think a lot of it is based on last year's performance and a lack of preseason games. Everyone tried to hit the ground running, and they did what worked last year. A lot of it isn't working this year. The only reason we even slightly in it now is because of a hot power play and excellent offence from the D. The struggles of Desharnais and Cole have made everyone else's job that much harder. It's the ideal time to shake things up.

Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Thanks for your assesment though, would you think MT will eventually have to reward Eller?
I don't see how Therrien can't, unless he's nuts. Eller had a great game against Boston, and he's produced this year in the top 6. When we win, we're playing a style more fit to a centre like Eller as opposed to Desharnais. That's how I see it.

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