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Originally Posted by villevalo View Post
He means Brixton not Bristol.

His point does stand though, if people are supposedly desperate for hockey then they'd seek out any level they can. If you dont want to watch ENL hockey, then you dont, that's your preference of course, but as you say if you and your girlfriend and friends miss hockey 'badly' as you say, you dont miss hockey that bad then no? If people dont turn up for ENL hockey that's generally 10 a head minimum in London would they turn up for Elite hockey at probably 20 a head minimum?

I understand the higher standard in product but your not going to be paying Capitals prices in London, not these days.

But this isnt a recent problem, when was the last time a professional hockey team in London lasted? It's been a long time, and not simply because of a lack of proper arenas.

I cant see an EIHL team sticking it out in London, it's professional...but I think only just, unless you find some business man willing to spend Nottingham/Belfast money and add onto that the London prices of housing for players, ice time, jesus everything is more expensive in London as of course you'll know.

For London, the best bet is that the KHL expansion really takes off, we see a London team in the Euro conference of their plan playing in the O2, perhaps it'll draw in the big three of the Elite in with them. Anything less is too little IMO.
To be honest, the price isn't as important as accessibility. Most people have jobs with long hours if they live and work here, and a lot of games used to be played mid-week (not sure if that's the case now); it's no fun to spend all of your free time travelling across a massive urban sprawl to poorly connected ice rinks. That's fair enough about the Brixton thing though - I genuinely didn't know that, so thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely be going along!

Re the "desperate for hockey so you'll watch any level" argument; I can understand that, but if you weight up the things I've mentioned before with how little time / money people generally have, they will rarely invest either of those things in semi-professional sport unless it's on their doorstep, or they really are hopelessly addicted. I love lots of different sports a great deal, but there are limits to the lengths I'll go to watch low level sport live.

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