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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
The reason I am being condescending is it is people like you who hold back the sport in this country and it is frustrating. You like hockey but don't go to games because "the standard is poor" well the standard isn't going to get better unless you actually go to games! You can't complain about the standard if you don't contribute anything. London isn't going to get a pro team when teams like Streatham are getting attendances of 100 while teams in the same league are getting 800+. You claim the interest is there so prove it.

As Villevallo said I meant Brixton not Bristol. The rink is right next to the Brixton train station, surely it is not that hard to get there? I could drive there from Reading in less than an hour. Yes some of them are inaccessible, Haringey is a pain in the ass to get to, as you mention London is a massive city so what makes you think it would be any easier to get to where the pro team is located.

I have to echo what VV said, if you don't want to watch NIHL level hockey then fine that's your choice, but if you really missed hockey as much as you say then you would go. It's only 8 for an adult ticket for Streatham games, have you ever actually seen NIHL1? It's actually a decent standard.
You're missing my point; I did used to go... every week. Then my team disappeared and the only alternatives are very hard for me to get to on any regular basis. I'm not going to apologise for not wanting to travel 2 hours plus, all in, to pay to watch semi-pro sport.

As the other chap pointed out, you meant Brixton as opposed to Bristol in your previous post, which is much more accessible for me. I will be going along.

Sorry if I'm "holding the country back", but if "real fans" like yourself are always this hostile towards what you would call "casual fans" then it's no wonder people lose interest.

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