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02-08-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by toewsintangibles View Post
Thank god there are these kind of slump buster teams like Islanders and the Leafs in this league.
I mean, I know to be the best, you have to beat the best, and all that, but the Rangers schedule has been positively brutal so far.

Look at the conference standings and then look at our schedule. Obviously the standings are somewhat influenced by the fact that those teams BEAT us, but those teams have all played 8-9 other games too.

Anyway, we've played the 1st seed, the 1st seed, the 2nd seed, the 2nd seed, the 3rd seed, the 4th seed, the 7th seed, the 10th seed, the 13th seed, and the 13th seed.

And the 13th seed is the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that is a little bit of chemistry away from being a 4 seed.

The point is, 60% of our games have been against the top 25% of conference. In those 6 games, we're 2-4. In the other 4 games, we're 3-1.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has already drawn Washington twice, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and the Islanders twice.

I think that has something to do with our struggles.

Like I said, if we're gonna win the Stanley Cup this season, we have to beat Boston and Pittsburgh more times than we lose to them in a 7 game series. So we have to get better.

But at the same time we hopefully have some stretches of our schedule coming up against cupcakes. The last two weeks of February look pretty soft at this point. I think even playing like we are right now, we can run it up in that 2 week period of time. And I haven't even looked at March yet.

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